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Empowerment​ and Spiritual Guidance Within Reach

About Us

Bee the Difference Mentoring Program is a non-profit organization, established with the purpose of providing Mentoring, Education Support and Biblical Guidance to teen girls and young adult.

 We yearn to provide teen girls, aged 13 – 18, with advanced communication, leadership, conflict resolution, team building, and decision-making skills to ensure overall welfare at schools, homes, and communities.

 Given the challenges that young girls face in their social and personal lives, we believe that by providing a caring and supportive environment, these young girls will not be just another statistics but will achieve success. 

Through this program, as well as facilitating outside workshops, conferences and special events, we strive to provide sufficient guidance to many youth and young adults through biblical insights and real-life experiences.

Our objective is to indulge in the sense of optimism and confidence needed to make a Difference.


Study found that at-risk youths that had a mentor were 46% less likely to use illegal drugs than their peers who did not have a mentor

● 55% more likely to enroll in college

● 78% more likely to volunteer regularly

● 130% more likely to hold leadership positions


The purpose of Bee The Difference Mentoring Program is to provide mentoring, emotional stability, and sound scriptural advice to the lives of girls and young ladies who desire and are in need of a support system.


Bee The Difference Mentoring Program's vision is to be a proven faith-based mentoring program that will lead to positive decision-making, education achievements, successful career/college opportunities, and life paths.


Bee The Difference Mentoring Program's mission is to provide each young person with the insight, guidance, and empowerment needed to have a sense of optimism for the future and to make a difference in their classrooms, homes, communities and lives.

Meet the Staff 

Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, the organization has 5

Administrative Staff and a host of Qualified Mentors and Certified Tutors. 

Cassie McDuffey, LMSW

Founder/Executive Director 

Dr. Dacia Hunley, 

Associate Director

Jasmine Hardy,

Program Director/Tutor

Jordan  Hart,

Program Assistant 

Roxanne Johnson, 

Program Assistant 

Kena Span, Mentor

Ja' Kela Reese, Mentor

Helen Walker, Mentor

Judy Ragsdale, Mentor 

Demetrice  McDuffey, Mentor

Veronica Taylor,  Mentor

Jaynell Hunter,  Mentor

Kim Carter,  Mentor

 Ebony  Ragsdale, Mentor 

Dr. Virginia Jamison, Tutor

Kaitlin Moore,  Tutor 

Onita Scales, Mentor 

 Inez Johnson, Mentor Asst. 

 Katricia Lewis, Mentor 

 Je’Tua Amos, Mentor 

 Glenoria Jones, Mentor

Latanya Triggs, Mentor

 Latanya T​riggs, Mentor 


Connye Henry, Mentor

Connye Henry, Mentor

Andrekia Hollins, Mentor

Andrekia Hollins, Mentor

Dr. Lisa Smith, President 

Member of the Board of Directors

Ryshonda Beechem, Treasurer

Member of the Board of Directors

Esha Henry-Ford, Secretary

Member of the Board of Directors

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