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Mentoring Program

Real-life experiences and biblical insights are integrated into an eight-month (March-October) curriculum to prepare girls ages* 13-18 for a transformational experience. It’s our hope that by providing monthly check-ins and once a month face-to-face group sessions, these young ladies would  be provided with the insight, guidance, and empowerment needed to have a sense of optimism for the future.


*Some pre-teen aged 12 maybe considered -Contact us for more Info

Tutoring Services 

Our tutoring services are designed for any young lady that are in need of educational support. No membership is required.

We have collaborated with a team of tutors who are either trained or specialized in K-12 courses, SAT, ACT and Standardized State Tests.

In-person and Virtual Tutoring are Available. 

Time , Subjects, and Fee for Service Varies. Please contact us for additional information.

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